Friday, April 13, 2007


As many of you may know of, but few had met Celestine Weston. She was a beautiful loving woman that was my second mom. Today we are laying her to rest to be with God. I wish all of you could have met this shining soul.

People often wonder why I love my work and family so much. It is because of my wonderful family and this beautiful woman. She loved me as a son from the moment I met her. She reminds me everyday of how important our family is and how much they always love us.

Her son and my "brother" Che wrote a poem to be read today. It was because of these thoughts, that I wanted to share these thoughts with everyone:

She Will Be Called Mother

She will be called Mother
Now, we call her daughter, sister, friend and lover
In all names and roles she opens her arms
Embraces you with warmth and compassion, she prepares herself

Children adore her
Flocking to her feet, they wait for her soft voice
And gentle smile
Hoping and praying that they will be next
To find security in her, she helps all

Love surrounds her
Like celestial bodies shining down light
Or clouds that pour, her love showers
Down in cascades or warmth and splendor
Free and abundant so all that receive are
Fortunate and thankful, she loves

She cries as a strong woman must
Weeping for one’s pain and celebrating others happiness
Some day a small child will cry into the night
And she will come, arms outstretched
Answering the cry that calls her mother.

So, with that I give my little speech to call your family, spend time with them, tell them every time you see them, that you love them.

On a slight side note. This photo was taken at Che and Karissa's wedding. Eron took this photo and I remember why our art is so precious. These moments that captured are not just of the wedding, but of your heart. All the joy of people that you love and love you, are forever kept. So in 2 months or 20 years, you will always have them with you. I cannot thank Eron enough for creating a beautiful photo of this special woman. All of Front Room, my family, and clients have supported me so much through this. Thank you. Without your love I would not be able to always see her smile and feel her love.

Smiles and Peace,




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