Thursday, July 5, 2007

Kay & Christopher

I am always looking for unique couples. People that offer something a little special to photograph. Kay and Chris provided an amazing event filled with fun and great family and friends. I was so impressed that they pulled off a wedding that as elegant yet so relaxing. They didn't have formal dancing but had great music, they had an afternoon wedding, that felt complete and not hurried at all.

They had an amazing meal, I really shouldn't be surprised, at Lake Park Bistro. Kelly provided great service and made sure that every element of the dinner and great desert be perfect.

Then, everyone was invited to retire outside, listen to music, golf or play lawn games.

Also, as a special surprise, Risha our Studio Manager came along to assist me and do some shooting. She provided a lot of great images and was nice enough to add her sowing expertise to do a quick mend on the gown.

If you ever happen to meet Kay or Chris, take a moment to say "hi". They are a couple filled with laughter and the beauty of life. They embody the warmth of family and joy of just being alive.


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