Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Kimberly & Christian

What a stunning day. A total sleeper couple that delighted us with hugs and laughs. I began they day at Neroli where another bride took Kimberly's veil by accident. It was quickly returned, but that proves that Kimberly just has great taste.

While the women got their hair done, the men went to Groom to get cleaned up for the day. With a great staff and straight razor shaves, the men looked sharp.

Kim had some killer Christian Louboutin shoes and a amazing dress from Premiere Couture. This dress has sophistication in style with a sexy back. She and all of her maids just looked stunning.

In their stretch hummer we took a ride to their house to see their puppy and then off the the liquor store for a quick stop for more beer.

I love that the couple came to us saying that they were shy for photos, yet through out the whole experience they relaxed and turned into total Front Room rockstars. They danced, sang , and drank to celebrate the beauty of life.

Christian and Kimberly are surrounded with a great loving family and friends. Eron and I were honored to be brought in to this inner circle . Kimberly and Christian are really sweet people that would do anything they could to help you out. Seeing their dedication to each other and all around them reminds me how sweet and wonderful life can be. The more time that we spent with them, the more I see why people flock to them. They are special souls and we cherish our friendship with them.


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