Monday, November 26, 2007

Rachel & Nick

Rachel and Nick...

A wedding can be planned in a few months and still be beautiful, romantic, special, and bring family together. Rachel and Nick are a true example of this. Family came from France to America and I'm sure plenty of places in between came to watch these two wed.

It was a cold day in November but the Christmas House in Racine was filled with warmth.
Rachel was stunning in her strapless beaded gown and Nick was looking very handsome as well.
I must say Rachel is a trooper of a woman as she went outside in 28 degree November cold, for outdoor Photos; (twice) once after the ceremony and once at the end of the night.

I feel happy to have been the photographer for this wedding. Rachel and Nick should be together now and always. Thank you and have a wonderful future together here, there, or wherever you two may be...


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