Thursday, May 29, 2008

Lisa & Chuck

Eron and I traveled to Omaha, NE last weekend for a great wedding. I had never stayed in Omaha before and found out what a great city it is. Wonderful people that are really friendly and caring.

Lisa and Chuck live in Phoenix now, but rumors flew about them moving to Omaha soon, we will have to wait and see...

I cannot thank the family enough for the love they showed us. They were kind enough to make sure we had a gift bag with wonderful goodies in it. They also made sure that we had access to a great hospitality room the whole weekend. I don't think I have ever been so full at a wedding.

We meet a lot of wonderful people this last weekend that I hope I will remain friends with for a long time.


I had the great honor and pleasure of being a part of my cousin Chuck and his new bride Lisa's wedding this weekend. It is rare to really be able to take all the photographs you want and still enjoy a wedding as literally part of the family.

My only regret was not saying something at the rehearsal dinner. Luckily, I had an 8.5 hour drive from Omaha to think about what I would have said. Here it is:

"Chuck and I were friends before we were cousins. We met in History class our freshman year in high school and found out weeks later that we are actually related. We got into our fair share of high school shenanigans including speeding through Glendale on the hoods of each others' cars. We're lucky we survived that.

When I was 15 and Chuck was, like, 19, OK he was 16, but he was already losing his hair so he had an air of "maturity", we drove to Arizona with my father. On this trip we discovered Waffle House and Chuck got his first speeding ticket. He also got his first glimpse of Arizona and decided at that point that someday he would live there. So, credit where credit is due, if it weren't for me, Chuck would have never met Lisa.

The first time I met Lisa was during one of my annual spring training trips to see the Brewers in Arizona and visit Chuck. After one evening with them, I knew they were going to be together for a long time. I told my family, 'Well, Chuck's met the one.'

Here's to Chuck finding Lisa and Lisa finding Chuck."


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