Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Jessica & Matthew - Update

We just received this today and had to share it:

"Hello! I had an opportunity this morning to take a look at the blog for my sister, Jessy's, wedding....I have to say that the small sampling of the pictures provided were just BEAUTIFUL! My only question to you is - where were you 10 1/2 years ago when Scott & I got married??!! As Jessy's matron of honor, with 3 children in the wedding, I have to say that you were awesome to work with -- and you were so patient with all of us - especially the kids (my little Jordyn! (aka Jo Jo))! I wish I had a small percentage of your talent to take pictures of children and family! Thank you for documenting this special day! You did a fantastic job! You may be hearing from me in the future!


Thank you Tasha, Calfa is pretty amazing at what she does; that is just one of the reasons we love her.


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