Friday, May 11, 2007

Brianna & Ryan

We just received these words from the mother of the Bride from one of Eron's wedding, and wanted to share them with you:

"You captured the essence of Bri & Ryan’s relationship so well in your photographs of their wedding as well as their “practically the wedding but just barely the engagement pictures”. I didn’t know what Brianna was forwarding to me so when I clicked on the link I wasn’t expecting the tears to come to my eyes once again.

They are a beautiful couple and the camera always seems to love them (I’m the mom so I can say that, right?) but your photography made everyone look good! I ordered the shot of my parents with me poking my head in between them, and had it framed and gave it to them. My mom absolutely hates to see pictures of herself, but she really loves that picture. So do I.

Thanks again for the beautiful job that you did with the photos from their reception. I only wish we could have had you there with us in Mexico for the wedding. I will recommend Front Room Photography to anyone else planning a wedding. I hope sometime in the near future to have you take a family portrait for us, and I especially look forward to having you take some grandchildren pictures in the hopefully not too distant future!"

Thank you mom for those beautiful words. You have made all of our weekends.

Please feel free to take a look at the album; we would love to hear your thoughts.

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