Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Laura & Ty

Wow. Just an amazing wedding. Laura & Ty are just a really cool couple. They are relaxed and sweet, but tender and beautiful together.

We began the day at the Pfister with Blush doing perfect makeup. We then went over to St. John's Cathedral where Laura put on her stunning Monique Lhuillier dress from Gigi's of Mequon. Laura had a stunning two piece dress that just rocked. It had a stunning bottom that flowed down the aisle while the top has just enough sass to show how much fun she is to be around.

Everyone headed down to the Milwaukee Art Museum to see the stunning work of Dynamic Events. They created a colorful and fun event with a hologram dance floor and event that everyone danced till the band cut us off.

As Eron and I get close to all of our clients. I got to see how 300 guests can love two people so much; and when they could catch a moment alone, how the two of them love each other so intently. The two sides of their lives meld perfectly together. They can be in a crowd of family hugging while still having the other near and being happy. The strength of their love is an inspiration for all couples. They can smile or cry, but knowing that the other is always near, be perfectly happy.

Eron and I were honored to give Laura and Ty a ride in our car around town at the end of the night. Even though it was almost 1am, they vowed to continue their celebration out with friends. I hope that they had as much fun as we did and they can get some sleep.

Smiles and hugs

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