Sunday, August 5, 2007

Sunday thoughts

So, I have been very lucky. In that, I am blessed with a great family and a job I am passionate about. Lately, I have noticed what amazing people my clients are to each other. Watching all of the families interact. In that the way in which they express their love for one another in front of my eyes is amazing.

I saw a couple of completely different examples of this last week with my clients. It started with a portrait of a rescue dog and witnessing the owner’s tenderness with her.
I then photographed a family (which we are photographing a wedding for this weekend, stay tuned, it is going to be killer…) Seeing the parents interact with their daughters was breath taking. In that they were not just parents, but great friends.
Then, I photographed a high school senior and her mom. Seeing the tenderness in her mom's eyes as she watched her daughter being photographed. Then to see the two interact as they laugh together.

All of these people took time to appreciate the love around them. To stop their day and realize the beauty in front of them.

Well, hopefully this isn't turning a little to cheesy. (If so, I will stop) But through these ever so brief descriptions, I have realized that beautiful people surround me. Each and every one of you has an impact on my life. You remind me to love my family just a little more and appreciate the world.

Thank you and Smiles

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