Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Elsa & Tim

What a cool weekend. After fighting through traffic for Wisconsin's first home football game, I met up with Elsa and Tim at the Overture Center. They had a beautiful summer wedding on the Rooftop Garden.

I was overjoyed to meet Sunny from Sunny Day Soirees. She is a bride that took her knowledge of weddings at started a planning service from the brides perspective. She and her husband were just fantastic to work with.

Elsa's passion for my work brought me in. I am so honored to have been invited to photograph their wedding. I love that my clients feel so passionately about photography that they give me free will to do whatever I want. They can trust that I can create with them some beautiful images. I can only hope that she will see these images and her dreams come true.

Even though we were under a tight schedule, we always had a lot of fun due to Tim's jokes. He is a great guy that can relax and put a smile on every ones face. I see why Elsa loves him so. Together they find a smile in all that they do.

I hope that they can find some time to relax in Hawaii on their honeymoon.

Smiles and hugs,

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