Monday, September 17, 2007

Sara & Paul

We had a great theme this weekend with couples. Sara and Paul had dated for a little while (no need to give them a hard time.) But the day had finally come. . .

I am glad that they waited as long as they did, because when I witnessed their vows, I heard a couple with soo much love and support for the other. They had already gone through the growing pains of life and marriage and come together. I have no question in my mind that they one of the few couples that found a perfect compliment to the other.

We started the day off with a “reveal” at the Mansion Hill Inn in Madison. We then ventured over to Olbrecht Gardens for some family and couple photos.

We had hoped to have a great outdoor ceremony but the weather and wind was too cold, so we all moved in to the Monnona Terrace.

Eron and I were blessed with a great crowd that danced and had a lot fun. We got to see Sara’s students dance and Paul tear up the floor with his moves.

We got to end the night photographing them as they left under a warm blanket in a carriage, soon to be under the ware sun of Hawaii. Have a great honeymoon and we will see you two soon.

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