Monday, October 1, 2007

Elizabeth & Matthew

Liz and Matt,

Well I have got to say these two definitely laid back... from start to finish on their big day they were both cool as cucumbers...
Liz and Matt met on a "set up" at Water Street Brewery with her good friend Dawn as her co-pilot for the evening. I guess the “set up” was a hit, as the wedding would show.

It is a fun part of our job as photographers to hear how they met story and sometimes the story makes you remember how much chance and random luck has to do with how we meet our partners.... It makes me think about my own life and makes me so happy I do what I do, I mean I have the most wonderful day in peoples lives weekend after weekend after weekend...That I get to be a key part of in the documenting way...

Well any who...
Happy Honey Moon Matt and Liz and thank you for having us as a part of your very special day.

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