Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Kristi & Dan

This was an amazing weekend. I photographed two weddings with amazing couples both times.

Saturday I met Kristi and Dan at the Schlitz Audubon Center in Bayside. Such a beautiful place, made even better by such a rockin' couple. (Please take a day trip there for a great walk in woods, without traveling far.)

These families are soo special that I don't know exactly where to begin. Surrounded by trees and beautiful falling leaves, the family gathered to greet Dan and then Kristi. Dan lets some tears go and showed his passionate love for Kristi and she was escorted down the aisle.

We had just enough light after the ceremony to do a couple of photos outside and then went inside to be welcome to a beautiful cake made by Elizabeth's Cakes.

After a couple of heart-felt speeches from the family and bridal party, Paul for Sound by Design got the party going.

I have not seen a group of people dance this hard in a while. I left about 10:30 and the party was still going strong. I am guessing that the party only slowed when the music was turned off at the end of the night. (If you are looking for a DJ, do not hesitate to call Sound by Design. Paul is the Bomb when it comes to keeping the music and fun going throughout the night.)

Tiffany and Joe, close friends of the family were there. You might remember them from last year. Their one year anniversary in this next weekend. Happy Anniversary.

Coming into this wedding, I felt like a friend. Leaving, I got hugs and kisses and felt like part of the family. Thank you so much for the honor of being a part of the wedding.

I hope that Kristi and Dan can always feel the passion that showed us today. Their love inspires my heart and my work. Much love, hugs, and of course Smiles,


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