Monday, June 30, 2008

Kris & John

This wedding was full of a strong family of people... with a wonderful wedding.
It is funny how even on a rainy day, when the storms were filled with thunder and lighting, it seamed the only time it was raining, was when we were in Church or in the car.
We somehow had a bright sunny day every time it was desired. Cocktails outside on the veranda and The Bog Golf Corse.
Kris and John got to have some lovely photos taken out on the green. We even got the entire bridal party on the green for a quick group shot.

I was very touched, that John a very strong military man, even teared as his best man gave a very heart felt speech.. Heck even I had a tear or two in my eyes.

I wish Kris and John well, they are a wonderful match.


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