Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Kristi & Chris

Kristi and Chris...
Well this was a first for me. I got to photograph an old friend, from High School, Wedding.
I had such a great time seeing a wonderful group of old girlfriends. I felt truly honored to document Kristi's big day.
It was so exciting to watch Kristi put her dress on and all the accessories, and to see her get a little nervous. She looked so amazing in her dress, and all her bridesmaids looked outstanding as well.
The wedding took place in Lake Geneva, a familiar family get away place where we all spent a lot of time.
The reception was at The Abby where the food was fantastic. The bar was busy all night and people danced until the DJ had to pull the plug; this was a rocking party.

It is so special to me that in my career, I have been able to connect with, reconnect with and meet new people
I get to see these awesome moments unveiled every weekend and this wedding was just a super special treat.
I got to see old faces I've missed, shoot a wedding for someone I have fond memories with, and be a part of a special day for a special group of people.

Thank you Kristi and Chris for asking me to photograph your wedding.

Happy Honeymoon.


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