Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Sarah & Brian

Sarah and Brian,
I had so much fun with these two. From Sarah's silly stories before the ceremony to help her stop crying, to the laughs and the end of the night on the dance floor; this was a fun fun big group of people.
Brian's Father performed the ceremony and he had the whole family laughing as he told the cute story of how these two meet: a dog walk and the band Cowboy Junkies, need I say more?
After a week of bad weather, Saturday’s sky opened to reveal a beautiful sun and puffy clouds. Mequon Country Club was the perfect place for a lovely reception. Finishing off the night in true Sarah and Brian style with a fire pit on the terrace. I wish them a wonderful happy life and to not be mistakenly called "Franky-o-sos" anymore.
Thanks for having me as a part of your day, happy honeymoon.

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