Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Andrea & Dan

I think "love is, what I got" (from a sublime song that was played by the band) sums up this wedding easily. The relationship of Andrea and Dan seems to be one of a couple in love; however if you see them together away from the world, you can tell how passionately they love each other. Likewise, thia love spreads amongst all of their friends and family.

I was honored to be invited to their wedding however everyone I met welcomed me into a close circle. So when I say "love is what I got", that explains that once you have met this family you have the greatest asset in life, love. . .

I wish them smiles and hugs as they head down to Mexico for their honeymoon. They deserve a rest and a lot of time together. I hope all that they meet in Mexico will be lucky enough to feel their love and spread it.


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