Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Julie & David

Julie and David

What an adorable pair. They were so nervous about getting their picture taken and yet they were fantastic. They are so obviously in love and it is so apparent these two are a perfect fit for each-other.

After the ever so sweet and sincere ceremony, Julie and David rode off in a limo to the Boerner Botanical Gardens for a beautiful and tasteful reception. Superb hors d'oeuvre and a amazing dinner by Bartolottas. Then all their friends showed their skills or humor on the dance floor. A few attempts at the worm were made, and David even requested out of wedding tradition, "the Chicken dance" to be played.

I hope these two are truly happy and I thank them so much for having me as a part of their very special day.

Take Care and happy honeymoon.
=-) Calfa

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