Sunday, June 8, 2008

Sunday thoughts

We have been really busy lately. We are getting ready to do our Open House July 25th. All are going to be welcome to come, if you are a client or not. Please feel free to email us if you would like an invite and are not currently a client. (We will be offering some special offerings...)

We are just about to reveal a new idea for portraits. I have been photographing children for a while and wanted to change up the look. Get ready for something completely different then anything you have seen around here.

Front Room had three weddings this weekend, in the rain. Now, the weather does affect the photos, but not always in a bad way. In that we may not be able to get the outdoor photos that we usually get; however, this does lead us to think more creatively and sometimes get some really cool photos. Check back on Wednesday for the BLOG post about Liz & Ricky. I spent some time in the women's lounge at the reception getting some really cool vintage photos. (Location can be a state of mind. I pride ourselves on being able to find something beautiful anywhere we go.)

Also, we are going to be starting BBQ Thursdays. In that we are going to close the office for an hour on Thursday and BBQ. All are welcome to come by for a hot dog or veggie dog. Please come on by and say "hi".


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