Monday, August 18, 2008

Rachel & Rob

It is a treat in my job to meet other types of photographers. Rob and one of his groomsmen were war photographers, and I respect them greatly for the worlds they have seen.
It really was fun to spend time with Rachel and Rob, they seam so fitting for each other. I know their life will be happy together, rooted in their individuality, intellect, and family. They had many wonderful words shared about them at the reception and it was obvious to me that many people love them very much. Also Rachel's mother gave one of the sweetest and most sincere speeches ever about how she is welcoming her “new son Rob into the family as a real son of her own.” Those words really touched me, it may have to do with my wedding so closely approaching... but I found that to be a very warm way to welcome Rob into the family.

Take Care and happy honeymoon.


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