Thursday, September 4, 2008

Yuliya & Andy

What can we say about Andy and Yuliya? They accepted us and our families as a part of theirs for the weekend and, throughout, encouraged all of us to have as good a time as any of their other guests.

Heidel House was a fabulous location for just about anything: an anniversary dinner with your wife (as my wife and I got to enjoy); casual drinks with new friends (as Neil and his wife enjoyed); or splashing around in the pool (as everyone enjoyed).

Andy and Yuliya brought many people together to enjoy a weekend away and they got just that. The ceremony on the lawn behind Gray Rock Restaurant overlooking Green Lake brought everything to an emotional crest on a beautiful day. Throughout the afternoon and evening, this family's commitment to, well, family bore itself out. The toasts were tearful and heartfelt and the russian dancing Yuliya and her friends shared was a special moment for everyone, stirring nostalgic, youthful feelings.

The love Andy and Yuliya have for each other is palpable and the warm glow they inspired in each other made photographing them a joy. Thanks for a great weekend.

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