Thursday, January 31, 2008

Swing Dancing

We have such amazing clients. They are so passionate about each other and life. Their passion for what they do, energizes me in my life.

Yesterday Maureen and Stephanie came in to talk to us, and after about an hour and a half we said "good bye", but I think we could have spoken all night.

I love to dance, although my technique is pretty bad.

Maureen is a swing dance instructor for Jumpin' Jive Club. She is amazing at what she does and seems to be a psuedo match maker in class. So many of her couple have gotten married. Well she teaches swing at the Milwaukee Ale House on Tuesdays and each first friday of each month at KC Hall.

I would highly suggest that all of you that want to take some dance lessons before your wedding check her out. More so, dancing is so much about listening to your partner, this might be the best therapy for a marriage.

If you have any questions or need more info, please give Maureen a call 262-54swing or look for details on her website




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