Friday, February 29, 2008

Auto Show

I had the joy of going to the Auto Show with my family and parents yesterday. I always have fun seeing a 3 year old drive a car.

I had a couple of interesting experiences there... I had the Mercedes Dealer come up to me and talk to me intently. I have been going to the auto show for years and never really gotten the time of day from the luxury dealers. I found it interesting that maybe I have gotten older and more in the target market for these cars. I find it interesting to see who the dealers talk to, in that they are there to sell cars and they know that most people are window shopping. How they select who is a worth while prospect is interesting. Do they judge the clothes and see if they are?
Well I am not buying a Mercedes. I am happy with my Honda.

Have a great weekend and I hope to see you on Sunday.

Cheryl (my lovely wife) has found her dream car/truck.
And of course, I have taught Daisy to look when changing lanes.
Dad found out the price and told her that we cannot get one for her...

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