Sunday, October 12, 2008

Sunday thoughts

Wow have we been busy lately. We have completely done how we print albums, to make sue that they are the best that they can be. We do almost all of our own printing in house. I just don’t believe that anyone will care and prints as well as we do.

I had a great wedding on Friday with Jayme from Beyond Elegant Events. I was so impressed with her great skill at keeping the day rolling so smoothly. Her ability to let the Bride and Groom enjoy the day while keeping everything on time was great. Look for the photos on Friday’s Blog.

Saturday I photographed a fiends wedding, which is always fun to do. The groom told me that the only way to really love your spouse is with unconditional love, truly unconditional. Made me stop and think how often am is my love truly unconditional.

Alright, a little too heavy for a Sunday.

I am itching to see a great movie. Well I am itching more so for some popcorn from the Oriental Theater. I think they must have the best popcorn in the world. Either I am looking for a great movie recommendation.

Ok, yes the BLOG is back. I have a lot to show, so please keep coming back. I am sorry for quiet…



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