Friday, February 8, 2008

New Galleries & more

With the help of Calfa and Kristin, we have been adding new images to the gallery. Please take a look at Neil and Eron's galleries and tell me what you think. We are adding new photos and I would love to hear what you love, what it might be missing, and anything you see that doesn't fit.

I should have Calfa's updated in the by Monday. With a lot more to come soon.

Also, we should be getting our iphones today. We kinda got them by accident. AT&T offered us a really good deal to switch and I couldn't say "no". So, I soon will be able to add to the blog via my iphone.

Also, we are getting prepared to do our grand opening at our new space. We are thinking April or early May, but I will keep you up to date as we get details together.

We are not sure if we should do it on a Thursday, Friday, or maybe a Saturday. Thoughts.

We will also be at Milwaukee's Magnificent Bride at the Pfister March 2, 2008. I have tickets available and if you would like to come for free, please email us.

Also, I will be presenting at a workshop for photographers February 17th. If you might be interested in attending, please send me an email. The cost is only $25 and should be a lot of fun.

I am going to leave you this weekend with two Experience prints that we recently did, enjoy:



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