Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Tuesday Announcements

So, we are doing a lot around the studio lately. I just ordered 7 canvas prints to hang in the studio. Ranging from 16x20 to 40x60. We are hoping to have the new gallery up soon and get going on our opening party... I promise, as soon as we confirm a date, I will let you know.

I just realized that we have had our Blog up and running for one year. I also just looked at our stats and we had over 31,000 people view our Blog last year. Wow that is a lot of people, that is about 85 people a day.

So I am asking you what you would want to see? Do you want more news about us, photography tips, or photos?

We are leaving for Vegas in a week and a half. So the studio will be shut down from the 14th-19th. I will be checking email and trying to get back to you.

And for the announcements.
First, I photographed a beautiful child this morning that is undergoing chemotherapy. Her prognosis is not great, but she is an amazing person with great parents. Due to the beauty of their family, I am with holding photos from the Blog. But that does lead me to my next point. In honor of this great child, I am offering free portraits to any newborn. If you, a friend, or anyone that you know has a child less then 14days old at the time of the shoot, I will photograph them for free. (I will not stop you from making a donation to her Charity.)

And I wanted to ask you about offering a donated Wedding. I am willing to donate my services to a couple getting married, if they will, within their budget, make a donation to either this child's charity or the Wisconsin MS Society. I would choose a list of finalists and have you vote on them. I am only going to offer one wedding up, but first I want to get your feedback first.


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

More photos...I look constantly to see the latest and greatest!! Keep up the great work!!

March 5, 2008 at 10:46 AM  

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